By neilhapgood, Jun 30 2015 07:32AM

I think it is really important at this stage to inject some perspective into things. The last thing I want is for BI sufferers or their family or friends to think there is some kind of quick fix to all this or that I am suggesting if you read this site and start meditating all will improve overnight.

As the name of this page suggests I really believe you have to make hay when the sun shines. Especially in the early days it is such an up and down journey and when you are feeling depressed, lost, confused and chaotic it takes all your energy just to get by day to day. So it is really important to use those spells when you are feeling calmer to work hard and really get to know your brain and give yourself as much peace as you can. As time goes on you will get better and better at it and you will find you are able to have a few hours, then half a day then whole days where you manage to maintain some peace and be able to just deal with, and react to, what is happening immediately around you. Equally I think it is important to manage the highs as much as the lows. I dislike the highs as they feel superficial and without foundation and prevents some kind of consistency which is what I really want. I work hard when I am high to bring myself down to a level and try and stop the irrational surges of positive emotion to nothing inparticular.

The bottom line is that this experience is bigger than all of us. The degree of control you have over it will wax and wane all the time so when you have an element of control that is the time to really try and go to work.

So I hope the site has been of some interest or use to you whether you are a BI sufferer or a friend or family member.

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